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Ambition Amplified, is a women's mentoring programme for young females who seek guidance in the first chapter out of university.

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The transition from university to the first chapter into the professional world has the potential to be exhilarating, filled with opportunities; however, it can be extremely challenging to navigate. There are many paths to take. Do we want to become a CEO, or do we want to climb the corporate ladder? Gender Equality is critical to achieving a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world, but we cannot achieve this in the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystem if women have fewer opportunities than men.

Our solution, Ambition Amplified, is a women's mentoring programme for young females who seek guidance in the first chapter out of university. It uses artificial intelligence to provide high-quality mentor-mentee matches to cater to specific needs. Unlike existing mentoring programmes that have an annual intake. Our programme is time-flexible and time-saving, allowing you to start anytime and learn from your mentors' experiences to avoid making the same mistakes.


To participate in the programme, complete your mentee profile, review and accept a mentor match, and actively engage with your mentor for the full 3-month duration.


Commit to a 3-month mentorship, encompassing 4 meetings within this period. Participation in the programme comes at a cost of $5.


The "Ambition Amplified" mentorship programme launches on 1st September. All mentors and mentees are encouraged to sign up by 12th September to ensure timely matching.

Benefits of being a Mentee

Increase self-confidence

Enjoy the backing of someone who recognizes and values your strengths. They'll encourage you to seize opportunities and champion your achievements.

Overcome personal barriers

Receive insights from a mentor who's walked in your shoes. Their unique perspectives will help you face and overcome challenges more effectively.

Find purpose and direction

Benefit from a mentor's probing questions that bring clarity to your aspirations. They'll guide you in understanding your path and how best to embark on it.

Take action towards your goals

With consistent accountability and sound advice, you'll be empowered to actively move towards achieving your objectives.

Manage a transition from uni to prfessional life

Learn to navigate new environments and merge academic insights with professional demands.

Improve communication skills

Practice skills that will help you to better connect with others and articulate ideas succinctly.

Meet the team

Ambition Amplified exists for a greater social purpose, to empower young women graduates to amplify their ambition through the power of trusted relationships. This project was catalysed as part of The University of Auckland Business School Women and Entrepreneurship Class and is led by Lillie Cripps and Holly Mace. Recognising the value mentorship can provide, and the need for a pathway to connect mentors and mentees, we teamed up with a leading mentoring platform to make this vision a reality.

Ambition amplified team